Vikings take on Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Football Playoffs, 1/21/2018

Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Minnesota Vikings will be visiting the Philadelphia Eagles, with the dream of playing the Super Bowl on their home ground. The Vikings won the game against the New Orleans Saints in the dying seconds, with Stefon Diggs finishing the match 29 – 24. Philadelphia Eagles showcased their defensive prowess by beating the Atlanta Falcons, 15 – 10. Who is going to book their spot in the next game? Let’s compare both teams and find out!

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are up against the Philadelphia Eagles, who are known for their tight-knit defense. As the offense of the Vikings is going to be facing one of the strongest defenses in NFL, they will need to put in 110%.

Key Players

All eyes will be on Case Keenum as he is one of the key players in the Vikings offense. The hero of the previous game, Stefon Diggs will also have a vital role to play in securing touchdowns for the Vikings. If Andrew Sendejo is fit for the game on Sunday, he will add solid stopping power to the Vikings.

Philadelphia Eagles

Thanks to the defense of the Eagles, they have what it takes to stop the Vikings from scoring important touchdowns. The Eagles offensive may be the deciding factor in this defensive matchup against the Vikings.

Key Players

Nick Foles, Jay Ajayi, Alshon Jeffery, and LeGarrette Blount will be testing the formidable Vikings defense for minor cracks. Watch out for defensive tackle, Fletcher Cox, as he will be devastating the Vikings offense.


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