World Series Game 1

La Dodgers vs Houston Astros

I have to admit I was rooting for two different teams to play in this year’s World Series. LA Dodgers and Houston Astros are just not doing it for me. Being from Chicago and a die-hard Cub fan naturally I wanted to watch the Cubs playing today. A World Series with the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees would have been cool, but alas it was not to be.

The Dodgers did look good against my Cubbies who just did not have it this year. As for the Yankees, I did thought they were going to pull it off and put the Astros out to lunch until next year, but no in the cards.

So today we will see the Astros playing playing in Los Angeles.  Houston and LA were the two top this during the season and this will be an exciting best of 7. Dallas Keuchel who is 2-1, with a 2.60 ERA will be on the mound going against Clayton Kershaw, 2-0 in the series and an ERA of 3.63.

The Cubs took it on the chin In game 5 getting just one run against LA's 11.  Kershaw threw 6 innings against the Cubs and allowed only one run and three hits. The World Series opener will have two Cy Young winners with Kershaw and Keuchel facing off against each other.