We owe it to the kids don't we?

I have not commented on the ongoing riff with the NFL and their fans, however after I was doing my sports history bit I got to thinking I wish both sides would call a truce and try to work this out, it’s doing much more harm than good in ways most of us are not even looking at.

There are plenty of kids out there who love and respect players in the NFL, these players are heroes to them. These same kids should also have respect for those in our government, but they see and hear people on both side being disrespected, called names and doing things that some find equally disrespectful and man it’s just not good. These kids are the next generation and many are so vulnerable and in need of better, more positive role models.

While working at Paramount Pictures in L.A. I was a mentor at a local grammar school by the studio, it was a poor area and wow those kids looked forward to that one hour they got to spent with their mentor, it is so important to them and it was important to their parents as well.

We can do better for these kids, I know we can. Don’t we owe it to them? That said I’ll get to this day in sports.