Crucial Game for Boston tonight at Fenway: 9-26-17

Red Sox still 3 games out, Toronto looking for another win

Toronto Blus Jays vs Boston Red Sox

The Cubbies are now one game away for securing their division title, and the LA Dodgers won their 100th game for the first time since the mid 70’s and are the first team to hit that number this season, but not many people at Fenway are thinking about the Cubs or Dodgers.

After last night’s setback to the Bluejays, Boston remains 3 games away from clinching the title in the American League East. Tonight Fenway fans will see two Southpaws on the mound facing each other in a crucial game for Boston.

Tonight's Starters

Toronto has slated J.A. Harp to start for them, although Harp has a 9-11 record he has certainly stepped up his game of late with a 6-3 record in his last ten games.

The Red Sox are going with their star Chris Sale who is 17-7 and is only 13 strikeouts away from the 1999 team record of 313 strikeouts set by Pedro Martinez. In his 18-year career Martinez had a total of 3,154 strikeouts.