Indians Battle Angeles after their 22 Game Win Streak Ends

Cleveland Indians vs Los Angeles Angels

Monday, 9-19-2017 at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA., 10:05pm ET

Cleveland Indians: Spread +1½ (-205) Money +100 Ov 8½ (-110) Starter: M. Clevinger -R

Los Angeles Angels : Spread -1½ (+175) Money -110 Un 8½ (-110) Starter: T. Skaggs -L

While looking into the winning streak by the Indians I came across these facts, most coming from CBS sports. The longest winning streak recorded in baseball's American League came to an end on Friday when the KC Royals handed Cleveland their first loss in 23 games by a score of 4-3. The only other team to win more straight games than the Indians did were the Nationals League New York Giants back in antiquity (1916) when they *won 26 straight. In that 22 game win-streak Cleveland took two double headers, won 15 games in 14 days, won more straight wins at home, won more straight games on the road, scored 142 runs while their opponents scored an unimpressive 37 runs and they secured for themselves a playoff spot in the American League.

Tonight Cleveland goes up against the Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim. For those of you not sure where Anaheim, it's a few blocks from The Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. Cleveland is going with right handed Mike Clevinger who is 10-5, 3.21 ERA and was victorious in his last four starts. Southpaw T. Skaggs has the green light to start for L.A. who are looking for that wild-card. Despite his not so hot 2-5, 4.37 ERA, Skaggs is coming off his best start of the year when he threw 7 innings without a run being scored by Houston.