NFL Football, Thursday, Sep 07, 2017

Chiefs vs. Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots Preview

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to win their game against New England Patriots, with quarterback Alex Smith and linebacker Justin Houston. Alex Smith had a solid game against the Patriots in the 2016 AFC Divisional Round playoff, with 58% pass completion for 246 yards, zero interceptions, and one touchdown. The Chief’s pass rush needs to improve if they plan on stopping quarterback Tom Brady, as they couldn’t sack him in the previous playoff match. Although Justin Houston is finally fit to play the game against the Patriots, there is immense pressure on him to replicate his performance in the 2014 season.

New England Patriots

New England Patriots' defense may be weaker than usual as Cyrus Jones, No.2 returner, and Julian Edelman, the wide receiver, won’t be able to play the entire season due to knee injuries. However, New England Patriots strengthened their lineup by adding Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore. They may have lost LeGarrette Blount, their running back but they got Rex Burkhead and Mike Gillislee as backups. They also resigned Dont’a Hightower, who was vital in the Patriots defense in 2016. One of the major strengths of the Patriots is the excellence of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick who already have five Super Bowl titles under their belts. Prediction New England Patriots are favorites to win against Kansas City Chiefs, given their track record of six straight wins against the former!