Round 3 in Hockey's Stanley Cup Playoffs

Nashville Predators Travel to Anaheim to battlehe Ducks

Nashville Predators Vs Anaheim Ducks

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After qualifying as the lowest-seeded Western Conference team, the Predators made quick work of the Chicago Blackhawks (4-0) and St. Louis Blues (4-1) in the first two rounds. Not bad for underdogs “EH”. In NHL Western Conference the Nashville Predators were ranked 8 out of 8 and were the lowest team to qualify in the West. After making it to the playoffs by a sliver of ice Nashville kicked the butt of two of the fiercest rivals in NHL hockey; the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues respectfully.

The Blackhawks who have won three Stanly Cups since 2010 took it on the chin by the Predators 4 games to none and after getting a mere three goals in 13 periods, Hawks general manager Stan Bowman made this promise; Coach Joel Quenneville will be back next season, but the GM also said everything else is on the table. Understandably, Bowman was not happy with his team getting knocked out after the first round for two years in a row. St Louis didn’t do much better against Nashville winning only one game of four in the second round. Game 1 of round 3 will be played in Anaheim on Friday, May 12th against the Ducks.