Game 2: Final Four March Madness

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Oregon Ducks

Tar Heels vs. Ducks in Game 2

The Saturday night match between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Oregon Ducks is a much-awaited match in the final four March madness. The last time the Oregon Ducks made it to the final four was in 1993. However, the team seems to be in great form even after this long gap and is all set to take on the North Carolina Tar Heels this time.

North Carolina

North Carolina lost its chance to win the championship last year. This year, they are back in the game, although they came into the final four in a way that can almost be called miraculous. Luke Maybe made a legendary shot within the 0.3 seconds left and led the team to victory over Kentucky. Now that they are in the final four, the team will need much more than a miracle to survive against the remaining contenders. The team has a great record for both, an offense as well as defense- something that the Oregon Ducks will have to keep in mind.


As for the Oregon Ducks, although they may have ended the final four only after such a long gap, the impressive victory they won over the Kansas Jayhawks has impressed everyone who is following the match madness games. The Oregon Ducks will prove to be a tough challenge for the North Carolina Tar Heels what with their powerful to all leading the team - Tyler Dorsey, averaging 24.5 points, Dillon Brooks with 16. 5 points and Jordan Bell with 11 points. The two were in full form in the match against the Kansas Jayhawks.

This is going to be a tough match madness match. However, the offense and defense of North Carolina is still more impressive, and the Oregon Ducks will have a much tougher challenge to face than the Kansas Jayhawks. Perhaps, North Carolina will be just able to get back its claim to the championship.