Recap of the Big Game

Recap of Sunday’s Super Bowl: Patriots vs. Falcons

The Sunday Super Bowl will go down history as being the first ever Super Bowl to have finished in OT. The New England Patriots won a splendid victory in this spectacular match against the Atlanta Falcons, having won their fifth Lombardi Trophy.

This was the second Super Bowl that the Falcons participated in, and although they lost, they performed quite well and impressed NFL Football fans who were gathered in the stadium. The Patriots seemed to have been on the verge of losing the match, when they suddenly sprang into action and pushed the game to overtime after filling up the 25-points gap they had against the Falcons. James White then dived in from two yards out, and the team was led to a soaring 34-28 victory. White caught a Super Bowl record for 14 passes.

The Patriots’ comeback was truly amazing and is owed mostly to Quarterback Tom Brady’s outstanding performance. The tipping point for the Patriots came when the Falcons QB fumbled, giving the Patriots the leverage they needed. Once the Patriots started scoring, they didn’t stop untill the game spilled over into overtime. This was Brady’s fifth Super Bowl win.

The coin toss was won with the Patriots in overtime, during which White scored the game-winning point, leaving the crowds in the stadium stunned. This match was truly spectacular because this was the first time that overtime was won with such a huge margin. This is also the match that will forever seal Brady’s reputation as one of the best QBs ever.