Super Bowl LI: An inside look at the Falcons

The Big Game 2-5-2017 at 6:30 PM ET

Super Bowl 51: A look at the Atlanta Falcons

The Big Game, New England Patriots Vs Atlanta Falcons 

A look at the Atlanta Falcons At the beginning of the season, no one expected the Falcons to make it to the championship game and yet here they are. They actually have a chance of stealing it from under the favorites, New England Patriots.

While both teams have commendable offenses, the Falcons arguable have the best QB this season in Matt Ryan. After their 8-5 start to the season, the Falcons seem to have found their flow and are currently on a 6 game winning streak. Since the beginning of the playoffs, Ryan has thrown for 18 touchdowns without any interceptions. He is expected to the win the MVP award this season.

Head coach Dan Quinn is set to manage his first national championship game at Super Bowl 51. His team had a slow start but have since flourished. This is especially true for the offense as they’ve scored 33 points or more in each of their playoff games. They were marked as underdogs for almost all of their playoff games and came out on top each every time.

Defensive trouble?

The biggest problem for the Falcons has been their defense. Their defense is nowhere close to being as good as the Patriots’. The Falcons’ rush defense are ranked 28th in the league against the pass and their overall defense is ranked in the bottom third of the league with an average of 24.8 points allowed per game. Many believe that this stat is unreliable as their defensive performance has improved drastically after the first 9 games. Since then, they have conceded more than 28 points on only 2 occasions.

If they are to win Super Bowl 51, they will have to up their defensive game and hope their offense can carry them through.