Fans Flocking to pick the New England Patriots

Patriots vs Texans: Saturday 1-14-2017

NFL Odds: Odds not like this since 1999.

Not Since 18 years ago

It’s been 18 years since a NFL Football playoff team vying for the Super Bowl tittle was laying this many points. New England Patriots have opened as 16-point home favorites for Saturday’s Divisional Round matchup against the Texans of Houston; game time is 8:15 PM ET, and can be seen on CBS coast to coast and every in between. That’s the biggest postseason spread since January 1999, when Minnesota Vikings beat the Arizona Cardinals 41-21 in Divisional play, with the help of Randall Cunningham. For those of you who are interested in history and wonder what else happened in January of 1999, here’s just a few tidbits.

1. The Euro currency is introduced. Before this happened countries in Europe had their own money system; England had the Pound, Italy had Lira, etc.

tony Soprano2. Tony Soprano airs his personal family life not only to new millions of television viewers, but to Dr. Jennifer Melfi when The Sopranos hit the Screen live from the Bodda Bing Loungr with the new hit show The Sopranos on January 10, 1999.

3. Former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura is sworn in as governor of Minnesota. What a show that was LOL

4. Funny man and a very good singer (Seth MacFarlane) who loves singing Big Bang and Sinatra type songs brings Family Guy to the Fox Network. I’d say the biggest new Fox show since the family classic Married with Children.

5. The Clintons were in the news back then as well with Bill sitting atop the Whitehouse.

Like January 1999 when fans were flocking to give Minnesota Vikings the biggest postseason spread of that time now this generation is doing the same for New England Patriots giving them an open as 16-point home favorites