NFC Wild Card Matchup: Sunday

1-8-2016: NY Giants vs GB Packers

New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers Preview

The NFC Wild Card matchup between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers is bound to be an interesting one as both teams have been playing well. Top sportsbooks are unclear for a winner on this one but the Giants have experience on their side and this should give them a boost.

This match is a battle of the quarterbacks as both Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers come into this game in form. Rodgers is playing exceptionally and has helped the Packers accumulate 6 straight wins while everyone is familiar with what the Giants can do in playoff games. Manning and Rodgers collectively have 3 Super Bowl titles. Rodgers is currently the most prolific QB with 40 touchdowns under his belt. Manning isn’t performing quite as well but he tends to come to life in playoff games.

Defensively, the Giants have the edge over the Packers as they are conceding only 17 points per game on average this season. The Packers have beaten the Giants before so this game lies in the balance. Those who bet on NFL football are excited for this game and will be hoping they picked the right team.