Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans

NFL Playoffs begin: 1-7-2017

Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans Preview

The first playoff game of the NFL season is set to take place on January 7th as the Oakland Raiders travel to Texas to take on the Houston Texans. The Raiders are coming into this game with a 12-4 record in the regular season and looking for their first playoff win since 2002. The Texans were crowned AFC South champions with a 9-7 record and if they win against the Raiders, it’ll only be their third playoff win.

Both teams are now forced to play with backup quarterbacks as Derek Carr and Matt McGloin are injured for the Raiders and Tom Savage is to be cleared after suffering a concussion against the Broncos. Connor Cook is expected to take center stage for the Raiders while Brock Osweiler heads the Texans. Defensively, the Texans are slightly better on average as they concede 20.1 points and 301.3 yards per game while the Raiders are allowing a slightly higher 24.1 points and 375.1 yards per game.

Top sportsbooks and those who bet on NFL are banking on the Texans’ defense pulling them past the Raiders and into the division round of the playoffs.