Poinsettia Bowl: Wednesday 12-21-2016

Cougars trying to take a bite out of the Cowboys

BYU Cougars vs Wyoming Cowboys Preview

The BYU Cougars face off against the Wyoming Cowboys in the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec 21. Both teams have been in good form this season and the winner of this remains rather unpredictable.Offshore  sportsbooks, however, are going off of recent form and predicting a win for the cougars.

BYU Cougars

It is no surprise that the Cougars have made it a Bowl final. They have an 8-4 record in the regular season and are hoping to secure their 8th straight win, when they travel to California midweek. Their last Bowl win came in the same Bowl, only 4 years ago and since then they have gone on to lose 3 Bowl games. They could’ve had more than 10 wins this season if they didn’t lose 4 games in a row at the beginning of the season. All 4 of their losses were by very small margins. Running back Jamaal Williams, is a key player and has amassed 1165 yards in only 9 games this season.’

Wyoming Cowboys

A year after a 10 loss season, the Cowboys have picked themselves up and are 8-5 this season. They are however, coming off 2 successive losses and will be hoping to get back their best. Wyoming will be in good spirits as they have managed to claw themselves back from a horrible season last year to make it to the title game this season. They are known for making some amazing comebacks. Running back, Brian Hill is a key player for them if they are gonna win this Bowl.

The Poinsettia Bowl is up for grabs and those who bet on college football are having a tough time making a call. If it comes down to it, this nail-biter will probably swing the way of the Cougars.

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