LA Rams Should Try and Meet the Great Ozz

Maybe they can get guided back to Kansas (LA)

In their first game in 22 years, Los Angeles Rams return home, I have to tell you If you were a hundred miles within the LA Proper you can tell for weeks on end the excitement was building, churning from the bottom of the pit and just getting hotter and hotter like a steam valve ready to cut loose. La fans were jazzed and rightly so.

Can you imagine a city such as Los Angeles not having a professional NFL Football team? Honestly, it didn’t make sense. Well the day came, September 18th on a nice sunny Sunday and with the help of Greg Zuerlein who kicked three field goals including one in the 4th quarter that sailed 47 beautiful yards and won the game for the Rams.

Well it’s three months later and I’m sure the Rams were hoping for a better thus far. On Thursday December 15th once again it will be the LA Rams 4-9 Vs the Seattle Seahawks 8-4-1-. The Seahawks are favored in this game by 7 points and things are not looking up for LA, but we will wait till early Wednesday so the information we share with you then will be more accurate and up to date.

Tomorrow we will look into detail of the UTSA Vs New Mexico game. Then Wednesday back to the Rans.

Until then, bet with knowledge, not your heart.