Ravens Fly to New England, 12-12-2016

Monday Night Fottball; it's Baltimore vs the Patriots

Baltimore Ravens Vs. New England Patriots Preview

The rivalry between Tom Brady and Joe Flacco will be the highlights of the match between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots on Monday night. Ravens have the upper hand as their number against the Patriots look better. However, Brady has always had a good game against the Ravens and this time too he won’t be going easy on them.

Baltimore Ravens

Flacco has been a stunning quarterback for the Ravens with 16 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in the last two games. His presence on the field and his experience gives the team support and helps them overcome difficulties. The Ravens have won both of their last two matches, and overall the team looks strong and confident.

New England Patriots

New England Patriots' Tom Brady has always been the backbone of the team. Although his personal game stats are a little behind Flacco’s, Brady has been a consistent performer and a team player. Tom Brady is also credited with taking his team to the Super Bowl championship. It is a feat that has been applauded by all, including his rivals. Moreover, Monday night’s match takes place in the team’s hometown and even if you forget the presence of Brady, don’t forget the fans.

The game will be an interesting one and all eyes will be on the two quarterbacks. How they play will have a huge impact on the outcome of the game. More than Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots it will be Joe Flacco vs Tom Brady.

It will be interesting to see which team the people who bet on NFL Football picks, the Ravens who are on a winning streak or the Patriots who has the advantage of playing on their home turf? It looks like the top sportsbooks are favoring the Baltimore Ravens because of their winning streak despite the home field advantage New England has.