Division rivals meet at Lucas Oil Stadium Today

Houston vs Indianapolis 12-11-2016

Houston Texans Vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview

The Indianapolis Colts have had a rough start but they have come out as winners in the last few games. The Texans, on the other hand, have struggled to keep up with the aggression of other teams. They have won just enough games in the first half of the season to be within winning distance of the AFC South title. On Sunday at the Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts will battle the Houston Texans for the AFC South title in a game that looks evenly matched.

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have not had a great time with the newly signed quarterback, Brock Osweiler.  Initially, the quarterback looked like a bang for the buck when he saved his team from a 23-9 deficit. However, later things mellowed down a bit for the quarterback as he repeatedly failed to deliver.

The Texans are expected to play Joseph, Clowney, and Jaelen Strong in the game against Colts. It should be a moral boost for the team especially at a time when important team members are backing out with injuries.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts have built the momentum after their initial losses and look in their prime. There have been injuries but that won’t stop them from putting their best foot forward. Coach Chuck Pagano has remained positive and believes that the Colts are not ones to back down regardless of injuries or any other roadblocks.

Sundays Game

Todays Game will be a treat for football fans as the two teams lock horn in a decisive battle for the AFC South championship.

The question right now is with which team the people who bet on NFL football will go with since both the team looks evenly matched. The betting trends have always been positive for Houston Texans, it is expected to continue in the top sportsbooks this time as well.