Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs 12-8-2016

Thursday Night NFL Football

 Raiders Rush to Kansas City to Invade the Chiefs

Thursday night’s match is going to be an epic battle between two contenders who have impressed us equally by their past victories. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Falcons 29-28, shocking fans who bet on NFL Football at how close the Kansans were to losing to the Falcons. The Raiders, however, won a bigger victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday with a score of 38-24. Naturally, Top Sportsbooks are excited about the match on 8th because it will establish permanently which the better of the two will be.


The Raiders owe their victory mainly to the spectacular performance displayed by running back Latavius Murray and Quarterback Derek Carr. Carr especially delighted NFL Football fans because he managed to play a great game despite his injury, finishing at 260 yards.

Kansas City

As for the Chiefs, things seemed pretty bad against the Falcons, until Eric Berry’s last minute two –point score which sent the team to victory. Besides, the Chiefs maintain their reputation for a great offense, which was crucial in their victory against the Falcons.

However, NFL fans who bet on NFL Football know very well that tables could turn against the Raiders in Thursday’s match, especially because the Raiders have a history of losing to the Chiefs. Top Sportsbooks warn that the Chiefs, confident with their past victories, will be well-prepared to face the Chiefs on 8th as well.

For now, Top sportsbooks and fans who bet on NFL Football both realize how important Thursday’s match is. Although it’s hard to predict the outcome, it can be guessed that perhaps it will be the Chiefs who win this one.