San Diego State Azetecs vs Wyoming Cowboys

NCAA College Football Match-up, 11-19-2016

San Diego State Aztecs vs Wyoming Cowboys Pre-view

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The match on November 19 between the San Diego Aztecs and the Wyoming Cowboys will be a decisive one. Top sportsbooks are going awry with speculations by NCAA fans who want to bet on College football as to which of these two mighty contenders will win. The Aztecs won their 6th straight game on Saturday after defeating the Nevada Wolfpack. The Cowboys too would have won their sixth game if they hadn’t lost to the UNLV Rebels. However, both teams are still equally matched, and the loss of one game by the Cowboys in no way makes it any easier to say who will win.

The Aztecs are going strong with its three legendary players, Jeremy Hemsley, Trey Kell and Winston Sheperd. The team has a spectacular defense and only the match on 19th can tell us if the otherwise good offense of the Cowboys will be able to match up to it or not. The offense of Wyoming led by rusher Brian Hill has proven to be a major challenge for teams in the past. Obviously, you can tell that both teams have an equal chance at winning the game on 19th.

If you’re looking to bet on College Football for this match, you’re going to have to have quite a challenge picking the right team. Top sportsbooks too are finding it hard to see which team will emerge as winner. One thing remains true- that this match is definitely going to be a legendary one, one that will establish once and for all which of the two mighty teams is the better.

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