Hey I'm not sayin, I'm just Saying

MLB Worl Series Final, Game 7

Don’t you love it when you hear the crack of the back, I mean really, really hear it. Next you see the players in the dugout jumping up and down while there are cheering and high 5-in one another. You follow the ball as the camera spans to the far horizon and you see fans in the grandstands jumping up and down; it’s at that moment all doubt has vanished, now you know without and skepticism that even though the ball is still in mid-flight someone, hopefully on your team has just belted out a home run. Chicago had two of those moments yesterday. In the top of the third we saw it when Russell hit his Grand Slam, and again in the ninth when Rizzo just tagged one, that was a thing of beauty. That you knew from the crack that it was a home run.

I have been a Cub fan since the 1960's I’ve cried many a tear over these guys building us fans up only to drop us down again and the weird thing is we love them more the following year and it just keeps going on like that. The Cub fan is a unique individual, nothing can shake our allegiance to our Cubbies and if they do not win game 7 today, well so be it. You can bet me and hundreds of thousands of Cubs fans will love em more next, because next year, yea that’s it, next year will be our year to break that friggin curse.