Monday Night Football, Houston vs Denver

Texans ve Broncos 10-24-2016 at 8:30

Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium

Monday's battle between the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos is exactly what NFL football fans have been waiting for. The Broncos' Brock Osweiler is now playing for the Houston Texans. Now that Osweiler will be playing against the team that he was once a part of, what could excite NFL Football fans more? Although it's true that Osweiler did struggle to impress his team members in the beginning, his performance in the match against the Colts was pivotal in leading the team to victory.

Texan fans could not be more pleased.

All set to enter the upcoming match against the Broncos with a 4-2, the team seems to be more hopeful than it was before winning against the Colts. The Broncos' spirits, however, have been dampened due to their loss against the Chargers last Friday. This does not mean things are going to be easy for the Texans- the Broncos still have a reputation for a strong defense, despite their rather dismal performance against the Chargers.

The Broncos are particularly happy about Kubiak's return. Although Bronco QB Trevor Siemian has performed well, having managed a 30-of-50 line against the Chargers with two touchdowns, Kubiak's presence will help the team better.

Online sportsbooks speculate that it could be Broncos that win this time. Although the Texans have a good offense, the performance of Osweiler does not seem promising enough to match up to the Broncos' legendary defense. The Texans' Lamar Miller too will have to do better than he usually has if he has to help the team win.

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