New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals Preview

NFL Monday Night Football, 10-17-2016


Jets vs Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium, 8:30 pm

Tune in tonight to watch the New York Jets take on the Arizona Cardinals. After losing three games straight, the Jets are pretty much the underdogs of the match. The Cardinals stand at 2-3 after squashing the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday.

It's Monday Night Football and Week 6 of the 2016 NFL season and will take place on the Cardinals’ home turf in Arizona. This match will be the conclusion of the Jets’ six-game challenge with the Cardinals being the fifth playoff team from 2015 to take them on. Unfortunately for the Jets, they have lost to all four previous 2015 playoff teams, giving them a rather gloomy chance with the Cardinals.

The Jets are also without Eric Decker who is out for the season with a partially torn rotator cuff. Their offense and defense are poor compared to the Cardinals who will have Carson Palmer returning as quarterback after recovering from a concussion. Most offshore sportsbooks predict that this will be another messy loss for the Jets, especially with Palmer’s return.

The Sum Up

Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven to be a blooper choice for the Jets. His interceptions have been poor and the sportsbooks say that he has completed only 57.8 percent of his tosses. Matt Forte hasn’t been of much use either. Eric Decker’s injury will probably hurt the Jets more than it is hurting him, especially against the likes of Carson Palmer. Make sure you tune in and catch the New York Jets take on the Arizona Cardinals. Place your bets and enjoy the game.

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