Cardinals Help Chicago Cubs Win Division, Heavy Favorites

But did Vegas hear about the Billy Goat

Major League Playoffs

There is still 2 weeks left in the MLB regular season. So far, the Chicago Cubs are the only team with a guaranteed playoff spot as they won the NL Central division last week. A few more division winners should be decided this week, and some more division winners, and wild-card spots, will probably come down to the last day of the season. The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays each would be the wild card team in the AL if the season ended today, but Detroit and Seattle are both only two games back. In the NL wild card race, it looks as if the Giants and Mets would be the two teams today, but the Cardinals are only one game out, and at this point are the only other real contender trying to grab one of those two spots.

Most division leads are pretty big considering there are just a few more games left to be played, but some races are still really close. The Dodgers have a 5 game lead over the Giants, but they do start a 3 game set today as well as finish the season with 3 games against each other, so these are real important games for both squads. The Red Sox hold a 3 game lead over Baltimore in the AL East, and they open up a 4 game set today which is crucial for both teams as well. It's much better to get the division crown and guarantee a best of 5 series rather than rely on the current one and done wild card format. 

Though the Cubs got into the playoffs with a Cardinals' loss rather than a Chicago win, they hold a 15 game lead and were bound to win the division sooner or later. But for this team, unlike in recent years' past, just making the playoffs was not enough, it's World Series or bust. At least make it to the World Series I would say since they haven't been there since 1945, and haven't won one since 1908. They are the heavy favorites, but did Vegas take into account the curse of the Billy Goat. We're just a few short weeks from finding out.

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