Monday Night NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears

September 19, 2016 at 08:25pm Eastern

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Expectations are high from the Eagles in their match against the Bears on September 19th. The Eagles' victory over the Cleveland Browns was nothing short of superb with a 22-of-37 for 278 yards with two touchdowns by Carson Wentz. The no.2 overall Eagle led the team to a 29-10 win against the Browns, shocking the Monday Night Football fans..

Offshore sportsbooks cite the Browns' watered-down offense as a possible reason for the win, but then again the Bears aren't known to have any better. The defense of the Eagles is good too and the team definitely poses some serious problems for the Bears. The Bears do not have much expectation placed on them after a dismal preseason performance at 1-3. To add to this is their poor performance last season when they finished at 6-10. the Bears will have to really up their game if they have to stand a chance against the Eagles.

The Bears were defeated last week by the Houtons. The Bears' Quarterback, Jay Cutler, disappointed fans with a pass of 216 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Things did not seem any better in the second half either as he was hit 13 times, absorbing 5 sacks. Cody Whitehair is the team's new center and Josh Sitton is the new left guard. It is a matter of time before we know how they contribute to the teams' victory.

With a strong offense and with Carson Wentz on their side, offshore sportsbooks are expecting the Eagles to win. However, with the new players on-board, the Bears may just turn the tables.

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