It's Back Baby, Football is Back

This weekend is proof of that for both NFL and NCAA Football fans

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College football is off and running, and the NFL season kicks off on Thursday September 8th. There were quite a few upsets this weekend at the college level. But were they really upsets, or were some of these teams over-ranked to begin with? I think it is a little of both. #9 Tennessee wasn’t upset, but they probably looked as bad as any bad team out there on Saturday. They held on to win 20-13 -in overtime- at home- against Appalachian State, but if they keep playing that way, I don’t see them picking up too many more wins this year.

To me the biggest upset was Wisconsin knocking off #5 LSU 16-14. Houston beat #3 Oklahoma, but Houston is ranked 15th, probably top ten after this weekend after their big win, and they are a lot better than they were given credit for. USC’s lopsided loss against top ranked Alabama likely will have them booted out of the top 25. Give USC credit for at least not playing a D3 school to open up their season. But now most of the attention will turn to the NFL.

The season kicks off in Denver as the defending champs take on the Carolina Panthers in a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl. Carolina is favored by 3 and I think they are out for revenge and will end up winning this game by a large margin. The majority of the games are slated for Sunday, and then the usual 2 games on the first Monday of the season.

Game 1 features the Redskins hosting the Steelers, and that will be followed by the 49ers hosting the Los Angeles Rams? No! That is not a typo. The Rams are back in LA… for now. I don’t think they’ll be any good this year, even with the #1 pick in the draft in Jared Goff, but they will get a lot of attention, such as being on Monday Night Football’s opening night.

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