NFL Football Pro Bowl: Sunday, 1-31-2016

Captains Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice are ready to rumble

A lot of money will be exchanged in a little over a week for Super Bowl 50. Before that, though, bettors will have a chance to warm-up with the Pro Bowl. Like last year, the NFL will stay away from the AFC-NFC format, and turn again to the teams being drafted by two team captains. This year’s captains are Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice. The Pro Bowl sees dwindling viewers every year, and in my opinion it is just a matter of time before the game goes away completely, but for now it is still a go, even though many players that get selected decline to play in it.

The NFL turned to this draft format to mix it up a little bit, kind of how the NHL switched its All-Star format to a draft. The game is scheduled for Sunday, January 31st at 8:00 PM EST, and will be played at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. Team Irvin is a 2 point favorite, and the over/under is 71.5 points. Team Rice loaded up on the offense, picking players like Adrian Peterson, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jarvis Landry. Team Rice is 1-0, as he beat team Sanders in 2011. Team Irvin is also 1-0 in the Pro Bowl as his team beat team Carter last season. It’s hard to pick the winner of an All-Star game because the players really don’t care too much about winning; it’s more about fun, staying safe and things like that.

Baseball adopted the new rule that the winner gets to host the World-Series, so at least they have a little more something to play for. But with football, the game is played at the end of the season, and so not every player can play if they are going to be in the Super Bowl for instance. Team Irvin is more balanced, so I would probably take them minus the two points.