NFL Football: Sunday 1-3-2016

Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers

Both the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers have earned a playoff spot, and neither team can earn a first-round bye at this point, but both will be trying to end the regular season with momentum as they head into the playoffs. Both teams are 10-5. Green Bay will be at home Sunday night in what will be the last regular season game of this season. They are a 3 point favorite, and the over/under for the game is 46 points.

The ESPN Football Power Index gives the GB Packers a 60.9% chance to win this game. Kickoff is at 5:30 PM PST, and it will be a cold day in Green Bay, with the temps being around 27 degrees, but no snow in the forecast as of now. It’s worth noting that Viking’s star RB Adrian Peterson has TD’s in seven straight games against the Packers, which is tied for the longest streak against that team along with former Viking WR Randy Moss. I would think it would be better to lose this game. As it stands now, Green Bay is the 3rd ranked team in the NFC, and Seattle is 6th, so they would face off in the first round.

Minnesota is the 5th ranked team now, and Washington is 4th, but Washington is only 8-7 and not as good as Seattle, so it will be interesting to see how these teams play Sunday night. Against the spread, the Vikings have a much better record than the Pack. They are 12-3 overall, 5-1 as the underdog and 6-1 as the road team. Green Bay is 9-6 overall, and just 8-5 as the favorite and 4-3 as the home team against the spread.