AHH if Only We Could See the Future

Wait! We can

Chicago Cubs billy goat curseChicago Cubs have a lot of history, especially with the so-called curses they faced. Most have heard or read the Billy Goat curse that surfaced in 1945 and then again in 69; that’s actually a true story, which you can read here. A black cat also got into the mix that year when he strolled past Cub All Star third baseman Ron Santo near the Cub dugout. Dang goat cost them the World Series while playing Detroit in 45, and the cat? Well the cat began a nine game loosing streak and eventually Cubbies ended up behind the Mets who went on to win the World Series that year. 1969 was also the same year that another miracle happened, man landed on the moon. Yes Mets winning the World Series and a moonwalk in the same year is astounding.

Now lets jump to 2015 as the Cubs are playing the New York Mets to see who will be in the World Series, but before we do we must go back in time to reach the future, which is actually the present.  If we can somehow go back 26 yeas to 1989 we can see what lies ahead in 2015. For it was in 1989 a blockbuster movie tittled Back to the Future Part 11 was shot partly on the famous back lot of Universal Studio. As a died hard Cub fan myself I was elated when watching that movie I saw a bright sigh light up. It was like a vision, hell it was a vision. “2015 Chicago Cubs win World Series”.

Now some will claim that sign also mentioned the Cubs played the Marlines that year to win it, but that’s splitting hairs. The fact remains that Doc Brown and Marty McFly being in 2015 saw the sentence light up “Cubs Win World Series” and as the camera pans away from Michael Fox (Marty McFly) and you hear Doc Brown say. “I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the Cubbies, you see what is on Marty’s mind, well bedsides the girl. He would have got some cash, gone online to one of our Top 5 Sportsbooks, because by 2015 the Internet is in full swing and he would have placed lots and lots of money on the Cubs to win. Now this is of course assumming that if we went back in time to 1989 and then in that 1989 we jumped to the future to our present which I guess would be the future in the present, ohh fergedaboudit. Im going to sum up and say I personnaly put a little cash back in March of this 2015 on the Chicago Cubs.

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