Monday Night NFL Football Action: 10/12/2015

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Diego Chargers

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Diego Chargers fixture on Monday would seem to be anyone's guess. The clash will be the 29th time the Steelers and the Chargers are meeting with Steelers winning 21 of those games and Chargers 7. But the last time the two teams met at the Steelers' home ground in Heinz Field, Pittsburgh in 2012, the Chargers won. So it is not going to be a cakewalk for the Steelers by any measure.

Moreover, both teams are entering the arena with a 2-2 record and are looking to catch up with the top teams in their divisions. The Steelers are chasing the Cincinnati Bengals and the Chargers, the Denver Broncos.

Not surprisingly, online sportsbooks are favoring the Chargers with a 3 point advantage. The Steelers are not comfortable playing on the west coast. But don't forget that many players on the Chargers' offense are injured and this might go against them on the field.

At the same time, the Steelers are trying to get some key players into the game, like Martavis Bryant, who was suspended for four games. Another Steelers' players making a comeback are Daniel McCullers and Ryan Shazier. If this trio fires, that would turn the game for the Steelers.

The two teams have played some memorable games in the past, fielding players like Ben Roethlisberger, Jeff Reed, Troy Polamalu, Santonio Holmes and Phillip Rivers. But when the dust settles, only one team will lead with 3-2. Will it be the Steelers? Will it be the Chargers? Only time will tell.