Thursday Night NFL Action - 10/8/2015

NFL Matchup Preview: Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

Come Thursday night, Indianapolis Colts will take on Houston Texans at the latter's home grounds. Indianapolis had a weak start this season, but things have been looking up for them since the past three matches. On the other hand, Houston started out with a scoreboard very similar to last season that read  2-0. Houston has move to 1-2 since.

Houston's two wins were against players at the bottom of the table, so it's not really saying much. Houston offense is dependent on Arian Foster, without whom it would probably fall through. Houston will have to work on their passing, if they are looking to clinch a win on Thursday. Of course, if the Colts put up a score in mid to higher 20s, it will certainly become a tougher job.

The Colts have been fighting hard this season, as anyone who is going up against the Eagles or the defending AFC champions would. The Colts will no doubt be routing for Andrew Luck to bring them another win as when they played against the Raven, Titans and Jaguars. If they pressure Houston to work hard while Andrew Luck runs offense, a win should come their way.

Thankfully, there won't be any injuries causing players to sit-out in this game, at least for the most part, which means the teams have no excuses to make in case they don't perform well. While there has been some concern on whether Andre Johnson and JJ Watt will be able to play for Houston, it seems like they will be playing for the most part of the game, if not entirely. Colts does not have any major injuries playing spoilsport either.