Monday Night Football 10/5/2015

Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks

As soon as Monday comes, online sportsbooks are going to see some record bets as the Detroit Lions battle it out with the Seattle Seahawks. The Lions seem to be in a ‘have to win’ frame of mind, considering that they had a fairly rough start to the season with 0-3. Stafford has a pass completion percentage of 64.1 for 814 yards, with 5 interventions and touchdowns each. In 7 of the 8 previously played games, Stafford has been exploring touchdown passes. On the other hand, Tate and Johnson, together, played 360 receiving yards, with a single touchdown.

Riddick was noted for 15 receptions, leaving the Lions with an average of 45 yards per contest. Ameer leads with a single touchdown and 82 yards. On the defense front, Detroit has been making way for 395.7 yards per game with 27.7 points. Tulloch has been leading the pride with 23 tackles. With two sacks from Ansah and two interceptions from Quin, the duo appears to be leave room for doubts along with Warford and Pettigrew.

The Seahawks aim to fix their record of .500 and maintain their winning streak at home. Wilson has been completing slightly more than 70% of his passes for 692 yards with a combo of two interceptions and touchdowns each. Wilson has enjoyed 9 touchdowns out of 10 games, while Kearse and Baldwin, together, have one touchdown and 314 yards on reception.

Graham records 14 receptions so far. The game average for the Seahawks is at 137 yards with 24 carries. Speaking of defense, the Seahawks have created room for 20.3 points and 286.3 yards in each game. 26 tackles from Wagner lead the Seahawks, while Bennett and Sherman have two sacks and two pass deflections respectively. Players creating some doubt are Terell, Mebane, and Lynch. The game seems too close to make any accurate predictions.