Thursday Night NFL Action 10/1/2015

Baltimore Ravens visit the City of 446 Bridges to see if they can knock the steel out of Pittsburgh

 Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

nil football week 4The upcoming NFL match between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 1, is one of the one of the most anticipated NFL matches of the season. The teams are famous for their intense on-field rivalry, an NFL fan's dream come true. Many offshore sportsbooks have reported a surge in betting, thanks to this particular clash. The game is going to be held at the Steeler's home ground in Heinz Field, Pittsburgh.

The match is a clash of Titans and the man of the moment is Pittsburgh Steelers' star quarterback, Mike Vick, who can easily turn the tide of the game if the Ravens are not careful. Considering his fearsome reputation, the Ravens would have already prepared a plan to counter him. Mike Vick will also be looking to redeem himself after his earlier conviction and forced retirement from the NFL.

However, the Ravens are no pushovers. They've got quarterback Joe Flacco as a counter. Flacco is nicknamed 'Joe Cool' for his calm demeanor on the field and ability to deliver in tight situations. They've also got weapons like Steve Smith Sr., Justin Tucker (the most accurate kicker in NFL history) and Lardarius Webb. The Ravens have also won two Superbowls which is no mean feat by itself. On the other hand, the Steelers may be affected by the absence of quarterback, 'Big Ben' Roethlisberger. The Steelers are hoping that Mike Vick, who is equally good, will fill the gap.

Reminiscing about the atmosphere in a Ravens Vs Steelers game, Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. likens it to a 'South Eastern Conference college football game' and says the excitement is just unbelievable. For sure, many fans are pouring through online sports books for betting tips and odds on this game. Many offshore betting sites are also doing brisk business on the this game.

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