The Inventor of Baseball

Or is it all Urban Legend

A graduate of West Point, know as a strong Major General, was second in command at Fort Sumter, gave the order for the first shot to be fired from a cannon at the start of the Civil War . All of these statements are true, however did Abner Doubleday invent the game of baseball? No, I’m not sure he ever played the game. He does have one connection to baseball though, Wade Boggs. Boggs a MLB Hall of Fame Member who played 3rd base for eithteen years, eleven with Boston,five with the Mets and two with Tampa Bay. He is a member og the 3000 (3010) hit club and an Urban Legend has him drinking 107 beers in one day. He is also Abner Doubledays 7th cousin (to the best of my knowledge anyway). 

But our story today is not about Doubleday, his relatives nor drinking massive amounts of beer which we do not suggest or condone; our story is about today, June 19,  1846. 

It was this day in sports history that the first official baseball game with Cartwright Rules was played. The New York Nines beat the Knickerbockers in Hoboken New Jersey.  The Cartwright Rules were devised by Alexander Cartwright founder of  the Knickerbockers Base Ball club of New York, baseballs first organized team (club). The rules he laid out are many of the same rules we have today, hence he is called the Father of Modern Day Baseball.