Hawks, Ducks Fly North to Chicago

Chicago Beats Anaheim in OT

The longest game in the Chicago Blackhawk’s history ended up with them winning 3-2. The game looked as if it might have been over earlier- in the 2nd overtime- when Andrew Shaw head-butted the puck in, but as the refs were quick to point out, a player cannot get the puck in the net deliberately using anything but his stick, and this was clearly intentional. So on they played, both teams getting quality shots on goal, but it took 3 overtimes to decide the winner. Markus Kruger was the unlikely hero this time around after he batted home Brent Seabrook’s shot 16:12 into the third OT. "I got lucky," Kruger said. "Happy to see that go in."

Game three is already scheduled for Thursday night, so both teams will hop a plane to Chicago, and in about 42 hours after game 2 ended, game 3 will start. So now the series becomes a best of 5 with Chicago having 3 games at home. The Blackhawks are tough to beat at home, especially in the playoffs. But I think Anaheim will manage a split in Chicago, and then each time will games 5 and 6 on their home ice, and this will really come down to a game 7, with the winner eventually going on to win the Stanley Cup no matter if they play the New York Rangers or Tampa Bay Lightning.

So we have a potential for an Original Six Stanley Cup if the Rangers and Hawks make it, or a Stanley Cup featuring two expansion teams if the Ducks and Lightning make it. Tampa was founded in 1992; the Mighty Ducks was a movie that came out in 1992, but the teamdidn’t come to be until the following year, when Disney started them out as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. They are now just known as the Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim is looking for its 2nd Cup overall, 1st since 2007, while Tampa is also looking for its 2nd, 1st since 2004. The Rangers have won 4 Cups, the last coming in 1994 when the team was led by Mark Messier. The Blackhawks are seeking Cup number 6, having won in 2010 and 2013 recently. The Rangers are still slightly favored, but I think the smart money is on Chicago. Both series are currently tied at 1-1.

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