Is LeBron James Helping Cleveland?

Its Bottoms Up for Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were near the bottom of the list of teams who would win the NBA championship. That is, until they re-signed LeBron James last summer, and overnight were the NBA favorite to win the championship. They started a little slow, but picked it up towards the middle and end of the season to finish 2nd in the East, behind the Atlanta Hawks. Right now, they find themselves in an 0-1 hole against the Chicago Bulls. It really isn’t too big of a deficit yet, but If they lose tonight, they will be down 0-2, and then still have 3 games remaining in Chicago, and that can be tough to overcome, especially without Kevin Love available this series, or all of this postseason for that matter. If they lose, they will be the first team with LeBron to be down 0-2 in 7 years.

That was when he was on the Cavs, and they dropped the first two against Boston, and went on to lose that series. LeBron was just an assist shy of a triple-double in game 1, and his team picked up a rare loss when he has a double-double, now dropping to 41-14. They are a 6 point favorite tonight, and I think they should make some adjustments and come away with a split heading back to Chicago, and I think they win big enough to cover that 6 point spread. The Cavs had LeBron defending Joakim Noah in game one, and I think that was a mistake.

While Noah is a great rebounder and defender, he is not going to score a ton of points anyway, so having LeBron guard him, to me, was a waste of minutes. LeBron is still 12-4 against the Bulls in the playoffs, and Chicago had won game 1 in each of their last two series against LeBron- when he was on the Miami Heat-, and both times the Heat came back to not just win the series, but win 4 straight, so the Bulls are just taking this victory in stride. I really feel the series comes down to game 2 tonight. I feel if the Bulls win, it will be tough for Cleveland to win 4 of 5 remaining games, especially with 3 of those 5 games in Chicago. But if Cleveland wins, I think they can split in Chicago and then it becomes a best of 3 with them getting home court back, and I see them winning in a game 7. Overall, I look for the Cavs to win tonight and take the series.

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