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Sportsbook History is without a doubt one of the top offshore sportsbooks in the industry. Located and licensed in Costa Rica, Skybook has been in business since 1998; that’s a long time in the online world. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for all 20 years because of their rocket start. Players were unhappy with how slow payouts were back in the beginning, however that has been addressed years ago and I can tell you first hand they pay out in a timely manner and I personally never had a problem with collecting my winnings. Other than that the only area some folk are unhappy with is they are not a sports book who caters to the professional, or Wise-guy type of gambler. They concentrate on players who see themselves as average men and woman who like to play online slots, video poker, blackjack and like betting on sports once in awhile. I actually see that as a good thing and thats one of the reasons I play there so often, Im just an average player who doesn't  see myself as a professional gambler; although I love acting the part of a Wise-guy now and then LOL.

Bonus and Promotions

When you land on the bonus/promotion page you may feel overwhelmed. They have tons bonus options so I won’t be able to get into much detail here other than naming a few. Deposit Bonus 175%, Free ½ point, Reduced Juice, Tuesday and Wednesday Deposit Special, Bitcoin, Free Plays and several more, including some good casino promotions. As with all bonuses they are terms, conditions, roll-overs and other requirements so make sure you check them out.

Bet on Sports

As for sports, you can bet on Cricket, Motor Sports, Olympics, Rugby, Soccer, Golf, Darts, Tennis, Australian Rules, Baseball, Cycling, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, and Boxing.

Wagering Options

Wagering options include Straight Wagers, Exactas, Exacta Boxes, Quenelles, Partial Wheel Exactas, Exacta Wheels, Daily Doubles, Parlays, and Round Robin Parlays for the horses. For sports, you have Buying Points, If Bets, Money lines, Parlays, Props/Futures, Reverse, Round Robins, Straight Bets, and Teasers.

Skybook offshore sportsbook

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Deposit options include Bitcoin, Person to Person, Cashier Checks, Bank Wire, and Visa. There are minimum and maximum deposit limits which vary according to the type of deposit you opt for


Withdrawal options include Bitcoin, Person to Person, and Checks. Apart from the minimum and maximum amounts, there is a $50 fee for check withdrawals.

The Site

Skybooks website itself is very cool looking and a breeze to navigate through. As soon as you get to the homepage you’ll find the top game of the day with lines and wagers centered at eye level. Besides sports betting at the top you will find their casino,  live casino, horse racing, banking options and their bonus page in the menu. The registration process is pretty simple. What you will not find are links and banners popping up pushing you toward other pages you have no interest in. All you will see is what you want to see; and that’s nice.

Services and Departments

Customer support and service is quite decent. You have options such as phone call and instant messaging. I personally tried out the IM option and found that the customer support staff were courteous and helpful. They were also quite knowledgeable, which was very useful

join skybook offshore sports book

Contact Information


  • Customer Service:
  • Casino:


  • Wagering: 1-800-809-7919, 1-800-324-5681
  • Customer Service: 1-888-759-2665, 1-800-809-3246,  1-800-809-0834
  • Casino Support: 1-888-416-2642

must be over 18 years of age

must be over 18 years of age

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